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Company Profile

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Company Profile
The company covers 18,999 square meters, construction area of ​​about 10,000 square meters, to build there a production workshop, a library materials and finished products, semi-finished products warehouse, two warehouses and a turnaround repair shop.
The company has 182 employees, belonging to the production plant, equipment department, QEHS Management Marketing, R & D department, finance department and corporate offices and seven departments.
Business Scope: R & D, production and sale of liquid crystal, liquid crystal intermediates, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates and other chemicals. According to the company's development strategy in recent years, mainly on research and development production and sales of new materials.
Production capacity
There are currently 42 kettle reaction and post-processing units are frequency control gear, mixing method with an anchor, paddle, impeller and modular, frame type and so on.
There are seven centrifugal filtration centrifuge, model ranging from 800-1250, disposable filter can be more than 200 kg, with four double cone dryer, drying volume 1500-2000L, a one-time 700-800kg dry product.
The company's main utility has a heat exchanger device, such as circulating cooling water, steam and hot water; freezer, vacuum, nitrogen devices.
Production features
Can be almost all the basic type of reaction, such as a Grignard, polymerization, condensation, and coupling the diazonium, acylation, transformation, oxidation, methoxy, hydrogenation. Multi-line, a multi-purpose vessel, connected to each reactor utilities basically complete, such as recycled water, hot water, chilled medium, vacuum, nitrogen, etc., can be heated, but also cool, adjust relatively quickly, can quickly adjust production tasks .
The main analytical instruments for gas and liquid chromatography, moisture tester, acidity PH meter, spectrophotometer. Corporation may delegate to detect particle size analysis, color, metal ion content, resistivity, transmittance and so on.
Companies are hazardous chemical production enterprises, Shandong Province, has dangerous chemicals production license, dangerous chemicals business license, foreign license, for virulent, drug management licenses easily be made strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, in accordance with the law operating within the permitted range.
The company in product management, use of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health management system and certified by DNV Det Norske Veritas. All the products have passed environmental assessment and acceptance, standardization of production safety supervision by the safety standard enterprise sector organizations and acceptance.
Our products customers are currently mostly German, Japanese customers require very strict, we produce fine products, control of the production process, providing high-quality, stable performance products to win customers.
Our businesses, earn interest on, access development, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, to articipate in public welfare activities, has won the local government assessment of social responsibility awards.
Sewage waste treatment company, in strict accordance with the requirements of the Environmental Protection Act, adopted Corporation commissioned sewage treatment, entrusted to a qualified solid waste handling and other companies.